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The db4free.net project provides a platform for database users and developers from all over the world to exchange experiences, give hints to each other or to discuss. This offer also gives you the chance to learn to deal with databases without having to rent a server for money.

How to get started

To create your database account click here.

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There is a weblog at www.mpopp.net where you can find all kinds of information about db4free.net and MySQL. Subscribe to the RSS feed in order to not miss any news.

Get involved with MySQL 5.6

This project gives you the opportunity to test the new features of MySQL 5.6 right now! Find more information in the DBA and Developer Guide to MySQL 5.6.

If you find any bugs, we would like you to report them on the MySQL website. Please read the instructions: http://bugs.mysql.com/how-to-report.php and if you find out that the bug has not been reported so far, please make your report here.

If you are uncertain whether it's really a bug, you can contact us via Twitter or discuss the issue in the mysql.com forum.