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Apply for MySQL Account

By registering for a db4free.net account you agree that:

  • db4free.net is a testing environment
  • db4free.net is not suitable for production
  • if you decide to use your db4free.net database in production despite the warnings, you do that at your own risk (very frequent backups are highly recommended)
  • data loss and outages can happen at any time (any complaints about that will likely be ignored)
  • the db4free.net team is not granting any warranty or liability of any kind
  • the db4free.net team reserves the right to delete databases and/or accounts at any time without notice
  • it is up to you to get the latest information from Twitter and the db4free.net blog
  • db4free.net provides only a MySQL database, but no web space (there is nowhere to upload any files)


  • db4free.net is a service for testing, not for hosting. Databases that store more than 100 MB data will be cleared at irregular intervals without notification
  • Please remove data which you no longer need, or delete your no longer needed account. This makes it easier to recover if a server crash occurs.

Database user and database name may contain lower case letters, numbers and the underscore and must be between 4 and 16 characters long. You must not use reserved words!

* Here you can set which IP address is allowed to access your database. This can offer more security for your database!


% = every host may access the database
[IP address of your webhoster] = you can access your database only via your webhoster (e.g. using PHP)
If you have a static IP address (e.g. DSL), you can limit access to your workstation

If you have any doubts, please leave this field unchanged.

** The collation sets the default character order and sorting order for your database contents. You can find additional information in the MySQL documentation: Connection Character Sets and Collations.

If you have any doubts, please leave this field unchanged.